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3rd Sat - International Hall, St. Peter's Square, Emsworth, 9am - 2pm
1st Sat - The Meeting Place, Westbourne, 10am - 2pm


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Buy flowers & gifts from local businesses

Local products and services from local people. Help support our local businesses by shopping local.

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Who can we help?

Why you should work with us to sell your products

Why is it important to shop local? Especially now?

The local economy

A local business is part of the local economy; they support local people directly and also indirectly by bringing more money to the area. A thriving business community is positive for the wider community too!


By buying local you products have travelled shorter distances to get to you, which is always better for the environment. Equally, homemade and crafted items are statistically more likely to be environmentally kind.

Feel great!

When you buy from a local business, you’re probably helping a local family to get through these tough times. This Christmas, think local, buy local.


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