Emsworth is full of small businesses! People with skills and ideas or those crafting at home to help support their families. In lockdown it was the small businesses that came into their own and delivered their products to people at home found new ways to reach their customers online.

A small business is a wonderful thing; it’s probably supporting a family’s income, it’s incredibly agile and able to make quick decisions to take advantage of an opportunity and it is so loved! Someone does a little dance of excitement with every order received.

Our mission is to bring these small businesses to the forefront of people’s mind so when they’re looking to make a purchase, they might buy local rather than from a multinational chain. That money then goes straight into our local economy which has a knock-on effect on all our lives.

We’re inviting all local small businesses to sign up, get listed and start selling with Emsworth Loves Local!

Sign up here: https://emsworthloveslocal.co.uk/sign-up/

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