Debbie Jackson-Cole
BA Hons French & Hispanic Studies, University of Birmingham 1999
Accredited Facilitator, Association of Facilitators 2019

Mobile: 07786802790


Language tuition for adults and children

We believe that running dynamic, interactive language ‘workshops’ will build children’s confidence and help them in other areas of their learning. If you can confidently communicate in another language or listen well and logically work out the meaning of a sentence where you might not know every word, these are fantastic transferable skills.

“It is far more than language learning – I am passionate about learning to LOVE languages! I aim to create an energetic environment where the children lose their inhibitions and shout out with ‘entusiasmo’ and ‘joie’!” explains Debbie.


1 to 1 language tuition

We currently offer Private Tuition for Beginners, KS3, GCSE & A Level or conversational French & Spanish.

This can be on a 1:1 basis or also in small groups of up to 5, either run as a workshop or informal lesson.  Due to Covid-19 all tuitions and language groups are currently offered online, please book using our online calendar.