Herbal Dog Calming Drops


Herbal Dog Co’s all-natural HerbaCalm drops may aid to calm down stressed, anxious and reactive dogs. With less stress-related barking and acting out behaviour from your pet, you will soon feel better too!

Whether your dog is just naturally highly strung or frightened of certain things like fireworks, this natural preparation can soothe and quieten them so that they become calm and relaxed. Overcome upsetting situations such as travelling in the car, visiting the vet or staying home alone by helping to reduce your dog’s anxiety levels.

With extracts of hood wort, chamomile and valerian, known for their soothing properties, the drops contain no chemicals or harmful ingredients which could cause an adverse reaction.

Keep a bottle of HerbaCalm handy at home and also when you are out so that you can come to your pet’s aid in stressful times.

Our hand-blended ancient herbal preparation is powerful. Ideal for fireworks, thunderstorms, vet visits, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, car sickness, excessive barking, nervous and reactive dogs.

Sold By: Mary Puppins Pet Pantry


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