The small business should not be underestimated. The vast majority of businesses in the UK are in fact small businesses – set up by entrepreneurial people with the drive and ambition to do something different. That takes courage! Small businesses are actually vital to the local and national economy but they’re also fundamental to our way of life, here’s why:

They give a community and identity

Imagine if Emsworth high street and every other high street just had a Tesco supermarket. Everything you could want would probably be in store, but as much as that sounds convenient, what would make Emsworth different from any other high street? It would lose the identity that Tiers, Starrs, Treagust etc bring to our town and then why would anyone else want to visit? This identity is why we want to live and work here and it’s part of what Emsworth is as a community.

They pay a families mortgage

Maybe a few families’ mortgages! A small business it’s literally vital to some families and by shopping local your helping someone, perhaps lots of people locally. This money then gets spent on other local shops and the cycle continues. Keep your money local and support other local people.

Environmental benefits

Not travelling too far or requiring delivery from the other side of the country/planet means less environmental impact. Plus it’s been proven that small businesses are more likely to try and reduce their use of plastic as they are agile and able to make quick decisions about they buy and source.

Local jobs

As you support local businesses, they grow. As a business grows, it need more people, more often than not, resulting in local jobs! Our local cafes, florists, estate agents etc all bring jobs to the community.

Shop local!!

We believe that small businesses are hugely important to Emsworth and we’re helping to make them stand out, and hopefully benefit from some of the millions of pound spent online each year. If you’re looking to buy online, think local! Emsworth Loves Local!

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